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Summary: Shanel Reitz of Integrated Title Services holds the Title & Escrow Agency classification in BNI Utah North GeneroCITY chapter. She joined the GeneroCITY Chapter of BNI Utah North after two visits. Though she’s only been in the chapter a short amount of time, over 30% of her pipeline is from BNI referrals. She encourages everyone she meets to visit a chapter at least, so they can experience what an organized professional referral group is all about as well as create and develop new professional relationships!

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Laura Viskovich: Hello and welcome to the Professional Business Connections. I’m Laura Viskovich. Today, we have a very exciting guest on the show. You’re just going to love her journey. We’re going to be talking to Shantel Reitz about her journey and how she generates leads into the Integrated Title Services. Welcome, Shantel.

Shantel Reitz: Thank you. So good to be here. Appreciate it.

Laura Viskovich: Oh, wonderful. So can you just walk through a little bit of your background how you came into what it is that you do?

Shantel Reitz: Sure. Yeah. So I’ve got kind of a very, I guess, diverse background. A few years ago I was an interior designer. I did that for a long time. When the market crashed I decided it was a good time to step away and take some time with my family, which I did. And then I’ve always just kind of had this entrepreneurial itch so to speak. We all, I think, those of us business owners know exactly what I’m talking about. And so, I decided to open up a fitness studio which was a complete 180, really, from design work and what I’d been doing. So, I launched into doing that and while I was building that company I decided it would be a wise idea for me to take a full time job to support the growth that I wanted within my fitness studio.

So Core 7 Fitness began and I – so I decided that if I was going to work I wanted to do something that would benefit my business. So I went into marketing and advertising. So I’ve been in that realm for a long time. I’ve done everything from print to all forms of digital marketing, even broadcast media, radio, TV, that kind of world. So I’ve got a really wide background of advertising and marketing. And while I was in that field, I was approached by Integrated Title Services, a friend had referred them to me and they said, “Hey, we really want you to come work for us.” So it just – I was hesitant at first but it – a couple of months down the road I thought, you know what, this is the good move for me. I think this will be a great thing. So they pulled me in as their marketing director. So my job now is to help them build their company and help all of our escrow officers.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Shantel Reitz: So, yeah, kind of a broad switch but it’s been fun.

Laura Viskovich: Absolutely love it. And so, how do you generate your leads into your, what you do at Title?

Shantel Reitz: Sure. So everything I’ve done the last few years I’m a very big people person. Everything I believe is based on relationships and networking and building that relationship of trust. So I have always been into that realm and that’s how I’ve done everything, all of my marketing and advertising, my sales background, always has generated from networking. So for me, I am always out and about at events meeting people, creating connections, creating relationships and becoming a connector for people because I meet so many people I can just connect, connect, connect, connect, just running around all the time. So that’s what I specialize in.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Shantel Reitz: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So how do you generate income? Because I know a lot of people out there, they do network and they say, “Oh, I’m just now…” you know what I mean? Is how – is there a formula that you follow when you network?

Shantel Reitz: I don’t know necessarily about a formula. I think it’s a lot about getting to know people truly, who they are and what they need and being able to give that to them. When I know that I can make a connection for somebody and I – it’s, you know, that old adage I scratch your back, you scratch mine. And it always comes back. So no matter what I do, if I’m out there and able to connect and help someone else, they will bend, go out of their way to look for ways to help me. And I’m not expecting that by any means. It’s just naturally the flow of how things work, what you put out there comes back in your energy.

Laura Viskovich: Love that law attraction.

Shantel Reitz: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: And all of that, fantastic. So, is there any particular networking organizations that you frequent?

Shantel Reitz: Well, obviously, BNI.

Laura Viskovich: Okay. I’m a big fan too.

Shantel Reitz: Right. And right now in my current industry I am doing a lot of things in the real estate realm because that’s who I, you know, need to be with. But I’ve done various things over the years and it depends. I’ve done a bunch of human resources groups. And so, I always like to have a backbone of a stable one and then one that’s more industry-specific to whatever I’m working on at the time. So that’s –

Laura Viskovich: Kind of how you would go. Good.

Shantel Reitz: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So, BNI, walk us through what a meeting looks like to you every week and how you educate the visitors and the members on your business?

Shantel Reitz: Sure. So, I think my position is a little bit different than most people in the title industry because I am a marketing representative, I am the face for the entire company. So when I go out there it’s, for me it’s all about personality matching. So when I meet people, it’s seeing who would they line up with, who would they function well with personality wise. But also, because I’m a marketing rep I really believe that my version of giving back is to help people build their businesses. If I can teach them marketing knowledge I have then they will in turn grow and business grows for everyone. Rising tide raises all ships, right?

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Shantel Reitz: So I just like to tell people what I do and what my background is and see how I can help them grow their business and in turn eventually it comes back. So, yeah.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So is there any story that you have to share with us today on BNI? Is there a relationship that you’ve built that’s really been a game-changer for you and your business?

Shantel Reitz: Yeah. So, I’m very fortunate in our chapter with Generosity in BNI Utah North. We have some amazing members and I know all chapters do but I think finding a chapter that you really can connect with the people there is so vitally important. But obviously, within every chapter you’ll have a pod of people that can refer back and forth to each other on a regular basis. So creating that relationship is very important in having those people that you can develop that relationship of trust with and continually give that business back and forth.

Laura Viskovich: So Generosity, I love that chapter. I hear it’s very vibrant.

Shantel Reitz: Yes.

Laura Viskovich: So what – how did you choose your BNI chapter?

Shantel Reitz: I was a member years back when I did interior design and, of course, we talked about me stepping away from business in general for a couple of years. So I had had an experience, you know, gosh, it’s been like 12, 14 years ago. So coming back into a chapter and in the industry I’m in people are always asking me, “Hey, I need a sub this week, can you go hear? I need a sub, can you go here?” So I’ve had the opportunity to visit multiple chapters over the last, you know, couple of years. So finding where you fit and then just homing in and making that your home is just awesome.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Shantel Reitz: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So the energy and the vibrance, that thing.

Shantel Reitz: Absolutely.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So if anyone out there is looking to join a group at BNI and they’ve just never been to a meeting before, what would the words of wisdom from Shantel be?

Shantel Reitz: I would say absolutely to check out a couple of groups, at least two or three groups, because you may or may not jive with the first one. I always tell people, it’s kind of like when you’re wedding-dress shopping, I know that’s like so random. But when you find that dress or you try on that dress and then you start comparing everything back to that one dress, that’s how you know where you fit.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Shantel Reitz: And so – but if you only try on one dress, you’ll never know. Like, you may not love it.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Shantel Reitz: It’s kind of a random thought. But, so making sure that you try a few different, get to know the members, get to know, you know, their presidency, feel the energy and just find where you jive.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah, great. So do you feel that BNI has been a really incredible source to fill your sales [0:08:10][indiscernible] or anything?

Shantel Reitz: Absolutely.

Laura Viskovich: Okay.

Shantel Reitz: I’ve only been a member of Generosity for a couple of months but I would even say within that short time probably 30% of what’s in my pipeline has generated from BNI which is great and I only expect that to grow.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, momentum is built in –

Shantel Reitz: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: I know because that’s fantastic.

Shantel Reitz: Yeah, exactly.

Laura Viskovich: Great. So, I do know that visitors are a huge part of the BNI chapters, especially in the Utah North Region.

Shantel Reitz: Yes.

Laura Viskovich: So what would you say to someone who’s thinking about attending? There be, you know, maybe a networking tip that you have to offer?

Shantel Reitz: Sure. So I would say my biggest networking tip is ask a lot of questions. When people feel that you’re vested in them and you want to know about them, it breaks down that initial icy barrier.

Laura Viskovich: Mm-hmm.

Shantel Reitz: And, obviously, my hair is blue. But I get a lot – I get away with a lot of things because my hair is blue. But just, you know, being energetic and willing to step out of your box a little bit is a huge help.

Laura Viskovich: Okay, great. Shantel, your story is absolutely sensational.

Shantel Reitz: Thank you.

Laura Viskovich: So thank you so much for coming on today.

Shantel Reitz: Thank you.

Laura Viskovich: So that’s Shantel Reitz everyone from Integrated Title Services. And that’s the show today. Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll see you on the next one for the Professional Business Connections.

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