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Summary: Residential Mortgage Professional Amy Crosby attributes a big part of her success with BNI from the incredible training programs and resources BNI offers their members. In under a year and a half, her business has exploded due to the relationships she’s built the members of the GeneroCITY chapter of BNI Utah North. Her chapter has grown from 11 members to 24 members over the past seven months, and 90% of her business is generated from her chapters referrals.

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Laura Viskovich: Hi, welcome to the Professional Business Connections, I’m Laura Viskovich. And I have an amazing guest on the show today, you’re just going to love her. Now Amy Crosby is in the amazing business called, the Alpine Team. Welcome to the show, Amy.

Amy Crosby: Hi, thanks for having me.

Laura Viskovich: So we’re going to have an interesting discussion on your journey, from you know, at the beginning of your business and the middle of the business, and how you generate referrals. So tell me a little bit about your backstory?

Amy Crosby: So my backstory is, I actually began in medical, and then I became a lone processing assistant, in order to learn the mortgage process about four and a half years ago. And after six months, I was approached by the branch manager and said, you get to sink or swim. So I jumped with both feet in, and here I am.

Laura Viskovich: Amazing. So tell us how you generate referrals for your business.

Amy Crosby: So I am a completely soft generated referral marketing, period. I do strictly referrals, I don’t do any type of lead generation, anything like that. I attend, well, BNI. It has created my business for me. And so I joined that about a year and a half ago. I didn’t generate a whole lot of business on my own, because I didn’t want to pay for leads. I wanted it come organically.

Laura Viskovich: Wow, you joined BNI, and now you’re getting many more referrals than you would have if you didn’t join the organization. So was there any sort of training that you had access to, to learn the ropes?

Amy Crosby: As far as the ropes of BNI?

Laura Viskovich: Yes.

Amy Crosby: Yes, absolutely. BNI provides great training, they have the member success program that you attend within 30 to 60 days of joining the chapter. And also, they have expert classes like, I can’t think of the word that I wanted to use, but they have extensive training that you can take outside that. They also have the online university that you have access, full access to. So members are very highly educated, and have the opportunity to become highly educated.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So every week, you come to a room full of your own marketers, so how you would speak to them to educate them on how to refer people to your business?

Amy Crosby: I would, obviously, make sure they know my name, the company that I represent, and I would let them know a little back story on myself, letting them know my next products, as far as, you know, what products I specialize in, in the mortgage industry, and ask a way for them to help me find, generate leads on my own, you know?

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Amy Crosby: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So let’s just say I’m a member of your group.

Amy Crosby: Okay.

Laura Viskovich: Give me your pitch.

Amy Crosby: My name is Amy Crosby, with the Alpine Team. And my ask for the week would be, veteran. Anybody that you know that has access to a veteran, whether it’s a family or a friend, I would love the opportunity to meet with them and show them the amazing products out there, anywhere from a refinance, to a purchase, and the options that they have for serving our country.

Laura Viskovich: Wonderful. Fantastic.

Amy Crosby: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: I’ll definitely be referring to you.

Amy Crosby: Thank you.

Laura Viskovich: So each week, you’re building these relationships, has that been the pivotal moment that has really changed your business?

Amy Crosby: I would say building your relationships, but really getting to know, personally getting to know the numbers in my chapter. One in particular is, I obviously work really close to the realtor, and Jen, and I have become really outside friends, before we really even ventured into business. So I would say in the relationship building aspect of things, you really need to look at them on a personal level, before you try to go after them on a business level.

Getting to know somebody personally, I think, builds a lot more trust and a lot quicker, build of trust than just attacking them for a business perspective.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah. So I guess it’s all in the philosophy given this, then.

Amy Crosby: Absolutely. I truly believe that what you give out, you will get back a hundred times over. The more you can help other people grow their business, the more yours will naturally grow.

Laura Viskovich: Great. So you’ve been in BNI for?

Amy Crosby: A year and a half.

Laura Viskovich: One and a half year.

Amy Crosby: Yes.

Laura Viskovich: So walk us through like what the first six months was, and then the next six months, like three intervals, maybe if you have a dollar figure, or something magical that happened for you.

Amy Crosby: Something magical that happened for me was on the first three months, I was inducted as president.

Laura Viskovich: Oh my gosh.

Amy Crosby: Of the chapter, yes, I know. It was overwhelming, because I knew very little about BNI and the values, but it forced me to jump in, and really learn and dig in, and find out what BNI truly was. And also, it grew my business a lot quicker, because I really focused my run time management a lot quicker, but I also really learned to get to know each of my members, becoming president so quickly. I took time to meet all of them individually, a lot quicker than I think most of us do as a member. Yeah. So that was my biggest jump in the first three months.

After six months, I had built a relationship with Jen, and we were doing at least two to three deals a month, so after I’d say, the year and a half, it’s probably 90% of my business comes from BNI.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. Okay. So I know that visitors are a big part of BNI, so if anyone that is out there, that is looking at joining BNI, what would you say to them?

Amy Crosby: I would tell them to visit several chapters, don’t visit just one, visit several, because there’s a fit for everybody somewhere. You may not fit at one chapter, but don’t get discouraged just because you don’t fit at that chapter, the first time you go, or maybe you’ll go two times, and you, maybe not – you know, there’s resources, you can go to the membership team or the president of the chapter, and they can actually help you find a chapter that might fit your specific needs. I mean we have chapters that you know, are open Monday through Friday, every – there are several different meeting times. And so maybe one of those works better, there’s a different fit for you, personality wise.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So there are a lot of different organizations out there doing networking. So why do you feel that BNI has been the secret sauce in your success in what you do?

Amy Crosby: Because BNI is structured, but there’s some leniency in it. They are very structured, but their core values, their core meaning, has been my biggest launch with BNI. And that’s I think why I’ve been able to really encourage BNI to other people that I know, even in the same industry because I have seen the core value in what they stand for and what they truly give back.

Laura Viskovich: So Amy, BNI Utah North, has been a game changer for you, in your networking and in growing your business, so what chapter are you in?

Amy Crosby: I am part of Generosity, which is part of Utah BNI North. And that’s where I currently am president of. And it’s actually been a phenomenal work, quite the talked about chapter throughout BNI North. We have – when I took over nine months ago, we – yeah, we were down to 10 members – yeah – they were actually going to shut us down, Cameron wanted to shut us down, and me and those 10 members really rallied and thought, no, we have earned a spot in down town Salt Lake and we’re going to keep it.

And so we really fought hard, we went through a program that BNI offers, which is the Diamond Growth program, and we really rallied together, and we’ve now more than doubled, nine months later, and we’ve surpassed last year’s figures by over 150,000 in generated income.

Laura Viskovich: Wow, that’s amazing, because I do know that that’s a common question for visitors visiting, you know, does it matter in size, so your story, obviously, it really doesn’t matter in size. What would the secret sauce of the small business be, for their growth in a BNI chapter?

Amy Crosby: Relationship building, complete relationship building. I believe people are a bigger marketing source than any type of marketing that you can do. I think that people talk, and we all know a lot of people, and we all have a great spirit of influence that we may not even know we have. And I think that BNI is really good at educating us on how to you know, use that. And educate people on what they – what our programs can help them do in their businesses. So I think for small businesses, it’s a great opportunity.

Laura Viskovich: Perfect. So anyone out there who’s looking to join BNI and they’re just not quite sure, they’re new to business, what would be word of advice that you would give to them, to help them make a decision in joining the group?

Amy Crosby: I would give them the decision that me and Jen actually tell everybody every week, that this is our most important business client of the week. If you look at that, that way, you’re more – you’re going to get more of a result of a business minded, you know, the small business. And if you look at it that way, because you are doing networking, you are doing referrals, then you’ll get what you give out of the meeting, and that weekly meeting and you know, we’ve had a lot of people say, “But it’s this much money,” it’s just such a small investment if you really do the numbers, and that’s something I really like to do with small business owners, so I say, okay, so you figure how much do you, you know, average gross on a job, because every profession is different.

And then you take and say, okay, so really, it would only take you X, Y, Z, to accommodate that expense, but yet, you stand to gain such a larger scale.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Amy Crosby: So you have to really – I sometimes think that small business owners, they get caught up on little – on numbers, and as they should, that’s what makes them successful, but I think we sometimes overstep that in teaching them, and educating them on the numbers of BNI, so I think that’s my advice that I would give, is, don’t get hung up on the numbers, because look at what it could do for you.

Laura Viskovich: So Amy, we’ve met through BNI, and what is it about women in networking situations that are just so powerful, and there’s a lot of women having a lot of success, so walk me through with it.

Amy Crosby: I think it’s because women never shut up. I say that sillily, because women truly, they – my son – it drives my son crazy, I cannot go through the grocery store without talking to somebody. And I think women just is a natural thing for women to speak, not necessarily in a public setting, but they’re really good – they’re nurturers, and I’m not saying, you know, that that’s you know, just their thing, but women are nurturers. And naturally with nurturing, I think we build relationships very easy, and naturally, where it’s been very high success for me, being a female, and in the professional world. And so I would say, yeah, that would be my thing, is, I think women just know how to talk, they know how to communicate well with others. And they really flourish, I mean they give each other power.

Laura Viskovich: Amy, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story, it’s an absolute inspiration to people out there. So we’ll see you next time on the Professional Business Connections.

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