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How Industry Professionals Create Relationships, Build Networks and Generate Referrals.

1411, 2018

Accounting-CPA: Lance Hori, Hori CPA

By |Accounting-CPA, Interviews|

Lance Hori, of Hori CPA, in Bountiful, UT discusses how word-of-mouth, web advertising and SEO only went so for his business growth. Lance decided he needed to do some face-to-face networking and his payroll guy from ADP told him about BNI. He joined the BNI Utah North GeneroCITY chapter and though he found a bit intimidating at first, he enjoyed the interaction in his group, the training that was offered through BNI, and getting that first referral was a big deal. Lance is now in his 3rd year in his chapter and 25% of his new business comes from referrals from his chapters.

1411, 2018

Medical-Alternative Medicine: Weston Horne, Pure Alignment Bodywork

By |Interviews, Medical-Alternative Medicine|

Weston Horne has owned a private practice in Alternative Medicine for the past eight years. He joined BNI a year and a half ago with a thriving practice but he wanted to grow and enhance his network with like-minded professionals. Weston is quick to mention the tremendous return on his investment to be a part of the group in just his first year, and it was an easy decision to renew for his 2nd year.

1211, 2018

Chiropractor: Dr. Zac Taylor, Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center

By |Chiropractor, Interviews|

When Dr. Zac Taylor joined Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center, he didn't have a choice but to join a BNI group in the BNI Utah North region... Why? Because every doctor was a member of a chapter, and that's how they built their business. When Dr. Zac joined, it took some time to develop relationships and create the trust factor within his group, but once that happened the referrals started rolling... He's in his second year in his group, and the referrals from his Downtown GeneroCITY chapter account for 30% of his business!

511, 2018

Property & Casualty Insurance: Julie Edison, One Stop Insurance

By |Interviews, Property & Casualty Insurance|

Property & Casualty Insurance producer Julie Edison of One Stop Insurance shares her story on how 70% of her business is generated through her BNI Utah North Sterling Chapter. She attributes her success from the BNI the training that is offered, their director showing up with the chapter, she learned how to be a giver...  When she gives a referral, she ends up getting those back twofold from other people. 

511, 2018

Heating & Air Conditioning, HVAC: Greg Handy, Home Town Heating & Air

By |Heating & Air Conditioning (HVAC), Interviews|

HVAC Professional Greg Handy of Home Town Heating & Air shares his incredible story of how he generated over $80,000 in closed business his first four months in the BNI Utah North GeneroCITY chapter. Though he was a bit apprehensive when he joined, what has really helped Greg launch his business was the excellent training offered to him as a BNI member.

511, 2018

Jeweler: Jonathan Laker, J.C. Laker Jewelry

By |Interviews, Jeweler|

Jeweler Jonathan Laker of J.C. Laker Jewelry has been in the industry for over 17 years. 90% of Jonathan's business comes from referrals through the Sterling chapter of BNI Utah North. He discusses the importance of jewelers or any professional to visit more than one chapter to find the best fit.

511, 2018

Residential Mortgages: Amy Crosby, Bank of England Mortgage

By |Interviews, Residential Mortgages|

Residential Mortgage Professional Amy Crosby attributes a big part of her success with BNI from the incredible training programs and resources BNI offers their members. In under a year and a half, her business has exploded due to the relationships she's built the members of the GeneroCITY chapter of BNI Utah North. Her chapter has grown from 11 members to 24 members over the past seven months, and 90% of her business is generated from her chapters referrals.

511, 2018

Corporate Housing: LaDarrell Worf, Stay EFS

By |Corporate Housing, Interviews|

LaDarrell Worf of StayEFS, owns a Corporate Housing business, and he generates business through the internet and networking. He joined the GeneroCITY Chapter of BNI Utah North five months ago. LaDarrell discusses how BNI has taught him to be a much better networker through the incredible training and podcasts offered to their members. He loves the accountability aspect of BNI and has developed incredible relationships with the members of his chapter. Not only does his chapter generate a tremendous amount of business for his short-term rentals, but property leads and two more portfolios, that provides even more short-term rentals.

411, 2018

Roofing & Gutters: Lance Witkamp, Climb Roofing

By |Interviews, Roofing & Gutters|

Lance Witkamp oversees business development of Climb Roofing. Lance got involved with the GeneroCITY chapter of BNI Utah North after seeing incredible results from his Chase his salesman in a very short time in another BNI Utah North chapter. Lance loves the training that BNI provides, and the relationships he's created with all the members, as well as the trust he's built with the realtor, loan officer, handyman, and HVAC member.

411, 2018

Property Management: Michelle Carman, AGF Property

By |Interviews, Property Management|

Michelle Carman is the owner of AGF Property Management. Michelle explains how the BNI Utah North Goldmine chapter referrals generate 95% of her business! Michelle's tip & trick to her success? "Just getting to know everybody, let them know who I am, what I do. I try to help every other get referrals; the whole givers gain, I end up getting it back." Eight years into BNI, Michelle just signed a 14-tier referral from a referral she received 8 years ago... What an incredible story!

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