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Summary: HVAC Professional Greg Handy of Home Town Heating & Air shares his incredible story of how he generated over $80,000 in closed business his first four months in the BNI Utah North GeneroCITY chapter. Though he was a bit apprehensive when he joined, what has really helped Greg launch his business was the excellent training offered to him as a BNI member.

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Laura Viskovich: Hello and welcome to the Professional Business Connections. I’m Laura Viskovich. I am so excited to introduce you today to Greg Handy. Now, Greg’s business is called Home Town Heating & Air. Hello and welcome.

Greg Handy: Hi.

Laura Viskovich: Now, I’m just dying to learn about your story. But firstly, how did you get into Heating & Air?

Greg Handy: Basically, I was working as an explosive tech and kind of – it wasn’t working enough.

Laura Viskovich: Okay.

Greg Handy: I wanted something more steady. I wanted something more reliable.

Laura Viskovich: Right.

Greg Handy: So, went to school for heating and air, and everything graduated from college on it and I got thrown into the field. So –

Laura Viskovich: Right, okay. So, what did you do at school? You said you studied?

Greg Handy: Study – basically, learned how an air conditioner works. You learn the thermodynamics. You learn basically gas, boilers, chillers, for instance, the components, how everything works – and everything. So, you can actually just go out and service.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So, how long have you been in Heating & Air for?

Greg Handy: I’m about eight-and-a-half years.

Laura Viskovich: Wow. That’s amazing. So, how do you generate leads into what you do?

Greg Handy: Basically, get a lot of stuff from word-of-mouth mainly from constructions, companies, people, when we worked on their houses, passed our name along. We use Home Advisor once in a while. Of course, we do home shows, that – so that kind of passes around a little bit. Plus, along with BNI referrals.

Laura Viskovich: Okay, great. So, it’s building relationships and getting them through the doors. So, BNI, walk me through that. What has that done for your business and how long have you been in BNI?

Greg Handy: I’ve been in BNI for – I was going on for five months and everything. A bit intimidating, coming into it. Didn’t really know what I was getting into. But over time, just learned that, and built better relationships with people, better communication.

Laura Viskovich: Great.

Greg Handy: And that –

Laura Viskovich: So, you came to – sorry. What group are you in? You BNI North, but what group are you in?

Greg Handy: Generosity.

Laura Viskovich: Generosity. Wonderful. So, you came in as a visitor.

Greg Handy: Yup.

Laura Viskovich: Have you gone to other groups before or –

Greg Handy: I’ve been to three other chapters and ended up at Generosity and liked the people a lot better. I got along better relationships with them.

Laura Viskovich: Great. So, you had a real synergy.

Greg Handy: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So, was it just the feeling that you got from visiting, or was it a specific relationship that you had, or –

Greg Handy: Just a feeling with the group to get by in the group, and just some relationships I built while I was there for the first time and the second time visiting.

Laura Viskovich: Great. So, Greg, you mentioned that there was some training involved. So, walk me through what it was that really helped you network.

Greg Handy: I’m trying to think of what the group did.

Laura Viskovich: That’s okay. Did they have some like introduction training that you were able to go to and get some information?

Greg Handy: The MSP helped out a lot and everything. As far as other trainees, I’m not that sure just being the one-on-one – everybody kind of helps, too. So –

Laura Viskovich: Great. So, everyone was able to help you at the one-on-one. So, fantastic.

Greg Handy: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So, I know that you’ve been in BNI for five months and I know a cheeky story that you told me previous. So, in four months of being in BNI, you hit an amazing target in yourselves. So, walk us through what that target was.

Greg Handy: In the four months’ time, the – I’ve been in BNI and everything, I’ve made $80,000 and still growing.

Laura Viskovich: That is sensational. So the training and the relationships that you’ve built in this short amount of time has really been beneficial for your sales growth. That’s amazing.

Greg Handy: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So anyone out there who’s looking to join a BNI and who is a little bit intimidated, what would the tips and tricks that you would have to give to that person that’s a little bit intimidated by networking?

Greg Handy: Just basically kind of face your fears. Somewhat doing, talking in front of people, if you’re not somebody, just like myself, you can’t really stand up in a group and talk to people, you kind of freeze. But you’re going to do it after a while and you do it, your nerves get out of the way, and that is, in a way, you actually one-on-ones with other BNI people. You kind of build that relationship with them, and you – it makes you grow more of a person. So it’s easier to stand up in front and talking to people. And you’re – sorry, I’m freezing.

Laura Viskovich: No, that’s okay.

Greg Handy: So it’s just basically building yourself up with that.

Laura Viskovich: Great.

Greg Handy: So it’s – as long as build yourself up and knowing that you can do it, you can face your fears, and everybody has a fear speaking in public. It’s hard to do it, but eventually do it, and you build a great relationship.

Laura Viskovich: So what I’m hearing is the secret sauce, Greg, is the real true building relationships and giving. Is that – like I know that the BNI philosophy is givers gain. So do you feel that’s a true secret to being successful in BNI?

Greg Handy: Yes, I do.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah, okay, great. So for anyone out there who’s looking to visit a chapter, what would you say to that person? What would they be looking for? Maybe in visiting, what would –

Greg Handy: Help them build their relationship, more communication, help their business grow, and that it’s – you may not think it may not work for you, but in the end, I would just say I was kind of skeptical about it at first, but it’s grown quite a bit, especially to say coming in four months, be intimidated by it, do it, and then you come out ahead and make $80,000 in the four months’ time is kind of overwhelming in a way, but it’s still – it’s something you could look forward to, get your name out there, people help you, pass it around.

And then so –

Laura Viskovich: That’s fantastic. Greg, your story is just sensational. So how do you, I guess, explain to your – the members and the guest that come every week? How do you explain to them what it is that you do? Is this some sort of like pitch to the room that you do in order to share your service?

Greg Handy: I just basically just point out what they don’t know, what’s out there. It’s like saying, there’s a lot people who don’t realize 80% of people in Utah with their homes are not energy efficient. So – and then to get more efficient in your home and everything in that, what equipment that’s going to be up to standard.

So it’s kind of explaining them to, “You know what, you can save yourself a lot of money by going something more efficient and that you get more, as far, 96% furnaces, 16’s or higher you can get in your home, so you can actually save yourself money.” And I usually explain to people. They look at it, “Oh, nowadays, everybody’s trying to save money. So why not benefit yourself and get something better in your home to make it?” So like you’re happy and you’re saving money.

Laura Viskovich: So I guess you have a room filled with your own personal marketers. Now, is there, for yourself and in your industry maybe a relationship with someone who’s in roofing, would that be beneficial for you in a group like that?

Greg Handy: Yes, it will.

Laura Viskovich: Absolutely. So you build sort of like a relationship so that you can refer business to each other, is that how it works?

Greg Handy: Yeah. You build relationships with the referrals. You can build the relationship on construction, guys that get into groups, plumbers and that real estate people, mortgage people and that because if you look at it all down, they are all pretty much everybody is going to need heat and an air along with, you know, you got mortgage people, you got the real estate side, they’re selling homes but they want to refer people to let them know, they have somebody who’s good behind their back that actually help them out with anything they need in their homes as far as heat and an air, even plumbing. So, building those relationships going around with the different, let’s say, basic diversity in the group and everything, it’s beneficial.

Laura Viskovich: I’m just, Greg, so blown away by the numbers in four months, you hit $80,000 in close business. What do you think the true success was? Is it the group that you have or is it the referrals that you’re giving? What is the true secret source in –?

Greg Handy: I think it’s all of the above.

Laura Viskovich: Okay.

Greg Handy: And, so, and it’s the building of relationship and getting that trust.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Greg Handy: So –

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So Greg, we were talking about visitors early run today, how beneficial it is for our visitor to come in to a BNI group. And I know that you industry in the heating and air industry, there’s not many people and you’ve had such big success. So, if anyone out there is in your industry in the heating and air, and looking to attend a BNI meeting, what would you say to that person?

Greg Handy: Do it. Jump into it. Try it out because you know it – you never know, you might end up to sit in, probably, “Hey, you beat me at the 80,000 for four months, say, there you go,” you know what, you chose that you’re – be a better person, more successful, build better relationships and that, and it’ll help you grow. I don’t understand why there’s not more trades or heat and airs in that – in what BNI, because it can make you very successful.

Laura Viskovich: Mm-hmm.

Greg Handy: It can make you grow in that and it’s – it’s not just growing your business, it’s growing yourself. So, if you’re not doing it, I don’t know why. It’s better, you know, to take a chance, someone invite you, take a chance, go check it out. And that, it might surprise yourself, you know what, you’ll not only build relationship, you’ll build friendship and that. And, you know, it’s, you got to have something that’ll help you grow. So if you’re not – you don’t have nothing help you grow, you’re not going to grow and –

Laura Viskovich: Grow your mind, grow your business.

Greg Handy: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Greg Handy: So, and, so, all I’m saying is, you don’t – other companies out there, each by companies, you know what, you can get some of your referrals from people around, but, in reality, when you’re getting in business and that getting relationships and everything, getting the communication and that, teaching people how the system is more efficient for you, not – or they can help your business grow for you too.

And that, you’re one-on-one has really helped and that – so you can basically explain what you do, why you do it and that – and help people, so that they understand what would be better more efficient, saving money along that each person can build a bigger relationship around. So getting more trades into BNI and have special HVAC, I think it’s – as of right now, I know maybe, five or six HVAC companies in five chapters, but they need more. So it’s something to try, but it’s –

Laura Viskovich: Give it a go.

Greg Handy: Give it a go.

Laura Viskovich: I love that.

Well, thank you so much. Your story is just an inspiration to people out there. So Greg Handy, thank you so much for coming on the show today. That’s Greg Handy from Home Town, Heating and Air. And don’t forget to stay tuned to the next show of the Professional Business Connections.

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