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Summary: LaDarrell Worf of StayEFS, owns a Corporate Housing business, and he generates business through the internet and networking. He joined the GeneroCITY Chapter of BNI Utah North five months ago. LaDarrell discusses how BNI has taught him to be a much better networker through the incredible training and podcasts offered to their members. He loves the accountability aspect of BNI and has developed incredible relationships with the members of his chapter. Not only does his chapter generate a tremendous amount of business for his short-term rentals, but property leads and two more portfolios, that provides even more short-term rentals.

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Laura Viskovich: Hello and welcome to the Professional Business Connections. I’m Laura Viskovich. And boy, am I excited to introduce you today to LaDarell Worf from Stay EFS. Welcome to the show.

LaDarell Worf: Thanks for having me, Laura.

Laura Viskovich: Oh, I just love your energy. So, I’m fascinated to learn more about your story and but firstly, how did you get into what it is that you do?

LaDarell Worf: So, the reason I was brought into short-term rentals, it started because I started off as a real estate investor and I was doing the whole, you know, the things that are on TV that looks really cool, the fix and flips and things like that. And then, I saw one of my mentors on Facebook with an ad saying, “Hey, come learn this new real estate strategy for short-term rentals.” And I was like, “I know that guy.” And so, I was like, “Hey, I want to see what he’s up to and I want to see what’s going on in his life now.” And that’s how I got sucked in and it has just been an amazing ride ever since. So

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. What a good story. So, walk us through a little bit on what your business actually does.

LaDarell Worf: Yeah. So, our company, we focus on short-term rentals. So, it’s a corporate short-term rental. We service business travellers that come in and out to Salt Lake City whether they’re, you know, here for business or they have some family obligations. We also service medical travellers and also, like vacation as well. So, we do catch those people who come in for a vacation whether it’s for a weddings, you know, they wanted the right ways. They want to go see our mountains or they’re on their way to some national park and they’re passing through Salt Lake. We get those people as well to stay in our locations.

Laura Viskovich: Oh, lovely.

LaDarell Worf: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So, LaDarell, how do you generate business to something like that?

LaDarell Worf: Yes. So, right now, we are using third-party marketing platforms. And so, we essentially pay them a flat fee and then they go out and market for us and say, “Hey, you want to see a fantastic place in Salt Lake City? Well, this is the place, you know.” So, we pay those guys. But also, I am starting this on my own efforts where I’m going out to local business owners and connecting with them as well and saying, “Hey, if you have some corporate trainings or things like that or if you have large events because we are at downtown in Salt Lake City, our place is a place for you, for your company.” So

Laura Viskovich: Great. Fantastic. Now, I hear that you’re a bit of a networker. So, walk me through that.

LaDarell Worf: So, I’m a bit of a networker. So, yes, I cannot deny. So, I love networking. It’s the way I get out there and this way, I can help people with their business as well. So, one of the biggest things we I do have one of my own networking groups that we are a part of and we create it for other real estate investors, but we’re holding that same similar niche. So, it’s not much that we can actually get into. However, I have stumbled across an amazing company, BNI, right, and so networking above all, above as much as I have been able to do.

I’ve been able to network far better, I have learned to network way better, I am more accountable to the people that I communicate with, and also it’s just the relationships that I’ve built that are so much better, better quality.

Laura Viskovich: Wonderful. So, LaDarrell, I’m hearing that they have like a train process, so walk me through what you’ve grown from that?

LaDarell Worf: Oh, my gosh. So, yes. So one of the biggest things is I have learned how to help, let’s say, help others in their business, but also I haven’t learned how to accurately teach others how to market for my business.

And so it’s been a phenomenal thing. Like I said, the relationships have been amazing. And so, again, it’s a weekly meeting, we get to sit down and talk to each other or get to the other for about 90 minutes every week. And we literally – I learn what they do, they learn more about what I do, we connect with certain people in a group, and we just literally help build each other’s business in an accountable fashion.

Laura Viskovich: So, LaDarrell, you’re a big of BNI. What is the true success that you’ve taken out of it? Is it the training, is it the relationship building? What is it that you have really taken away from it?

LaDarell Worf: Yeah, so easy. With the BNI, the biggest that I have taken away is – well, there’s a lot of things. There is the relationships of course, the training is top notch, it has actually taught me how to network with people and, you know, feed their business as while it’s feeding my business. And one of the great things, if I bounce back to relationships, is, yes, it is a constant source of leads for my business on the short-term rental side. But as I’ve referenced earlier, I am an investor by trait, I am also getting leads that I actually funnel my other passions. So I’m getting property leads and actually two more portfolios, so I could provide even more short-term rentals.

Laura Viskovich: So it’s really giving you a lot of leads for the sales pipeline sort of thing?

LaDarell Worf: Yes, on both sides, so with customers and clients coming in and also properties to put into my portfolio.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So, LaDarrell, I know that visitors are a big part of BNI’s success. So coming in to BNI for the first time, walk us through your journey in being a visitor?

LaDarell Worf: Yes. So I – since my classification is not one that’s extremely taken here in BNI North, I was able to visit multiple chapters, several chapters. And, you know, since my seat’s open and so I visit several chapters and I got to interact with the different members and things like that from other chapters, then I’ve honed in on with one particular chapter, the only downtown chapter in Salt Lake City.

Laura Viskovich: Uh-huh. Which chapter is that?

LaDarrell Worf: Which is Chapter Generosity.

Laura Viskovich: Love it.

LaDarrell Worf: So – yes, I honed in on with those guys. I came as a visitor. I – by that point, I was a little bit more fuss into the flow of how BNI – the meetings work and I just felt at home immediately.

So, you know, I connected with everyone there, everyone came up to me and spoke to me. They did it on other chapters as well, but there’s just a feeling I got from this particular chapter, I was like, “Okay, I am home. These are my people”, so that was my favorite visit by far.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So if anyone’s out there, who’s looking to be a member within the BNI Utah, North region, what would be your tip and trick be to that person who’s looking for a chapter?

LaDarrell Worf: So my number one tip would be, you have to show up. You have to show up, you to talk to people, network with them properly and also don’t go in with a philosophy of, “Hey, what can these guys do for my business?” My number one thing is I go in there and I’m just like, “Okay, how can I help someone else in their business?” And then it just comes back to you non-stop. So that’s my number –

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

LaDarrell Worf: – one thing.

Laura Viskovich: Wonderful. So LaDarrel, I have just so enjoyed your journey from where you’ve come and how you generate business into – your business which is Stay EFS. So I just – give us a little bit of a tip to anyone who’s new into networking and is maybe not as confident and what would your tip be to that person?

LaDarrell Worf: Oh my gosh, that’s for speaking of confidence, I would totally say, you know, if you just show up, with your chapter, you got to learn, you got to grow together. You get to know each other on a such a deeper relationship level and honestly, your business will explode. So again, just show up and help, just see what you can do to help out, you know, whether it’s helping someone else’s business, helping your chapter get set up before the meeting, you know, tear and down after the meeting, things like that, that’s –

Laura Viskovich: Perfect.

LaDarrell Worf: – definitely going to take you far.

Laura Viskovich: So taking the focus off yourself and onto the other person.

LaDarrell Worf: Exactly.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

LaDarrell Worf: Yes.

Laura Viskovich: Oh, I’ve had so much fun today, LaDarrell, thank you so much for coming up and sharing your experience. I’m sure it’s helped many people out there and build their business, so thank you so much.

And I hope you have enjoyed it just as much as I have, that is LaDarrell Worf from Stay EFS. And I’ll see you on the next show of the Professional Business Connections.

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