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Summary: Sherry Taylor of Keep It Marketing has been in the promotional products and corporate apparels business for eleven years. She and her husband built their business 100% from referrals through their BNI groups. They were just getting started in their business, but in their first four years, they doubled their business from the previous year and eleven years later their business is still growing! Sherry talks about how if a person takes advantage of and uses all the education and training offered to BNI members, your business will just grow..

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Laura Viskovich: Hello and welcome to the Professional Business Connections. I’m Laura Viskovich. And I’m a little bit excited to introduce you today to Sherry Taylor. Sherry Taylor has her own business called Keep It Marketing. Welcome to the show.

Sherry Taylor: Thank you.

Laura Viskovich: So, what kind of products do you have?

Sherry Taylor: Well, we do all kinds of promotional products and corporate apparels. So, screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, direct-to-garment printing, all of that for the apparel, and any kind of promotional product that you can think of, that’s what we do.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. And how did you get into this?

Sherry Taylor: Well, my husband was in a family business and when they closed – he’s the baby of the family. And so, when they closed that business, all of his siblings retired, and we were too young to retire. So, we came along and this business kind of opened up. And so, that’s how we got into it. And since he’s been doing marketing his whole entire life in the previous business, it was like a perfect fit.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So, I’m dying to know, and I know everyone listening is. How do you grow your business?

Sherry Taylor: Through BNI. Seriously.

Laura Viskovich: Wow.

Sherry Taylor: It is. It’s all a word-of-mouth. We don’t do cold calls.

Laura Viskovich: Really?

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: So, it’s 100% referrals?

Sherry Taylor: Exactly.

Laura Viskovich: Wow. And how long have you been in BNI for?

Sherry Taylor: Next month will be 11 years for me and my husband has been in 11 years in three or four months.

Laura Viskovich: Great. And so –

Sherry Taylor: So, 11 years.

Laura Viskovich: 11 years. And so, what’s the growth been like for you one, two, three, and so forth?

Sherry Taylor: Well, the first year, we were just barely started – our business was about a year-and-a-half-old. And the first year, we kind of doubled what we had done the first year. Just from BNI and just getting our feet wet and knowing what – learning what we were supposed to be doing in BNI. And the second year, we doubled what we did the first year.

Laura Viskovich: Wow.

Sherry Taylor: The third year we doubled what we did the second year. The fourth year, we doubled what we did the third year and it’s just gotten better ever since.

Laura Viskovich: Amazing.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: I know.

Sherry Taylor: It’s been good. That’s how we built our business.

Laura Viskovich: Wow. I’m excited. I know people listening are excited too. Wow, so what do you think the true success in BNI is? Is it the building relationships, is it giver’s gain?

Sherry Taylor: Oh gee, for me…

Laura Viskovich: The true…

Sherry Taylor: For me personally, okay, the money is very significant.

Laura Viskovich: Right.

Sherry Taylor: I’m not going to down that.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Sherry Taylor: But I was a stay-at-home mom before we started this business.

Laura Viskovich: Okay.

Sherry Taylor: And so, jumping into this professional community was terrifying for me. So my very first weekly presentation, I had it all written down on paper, and I read it, and my hands were shaking so bad, I could hardly read, like, “What am I supposed to say?” I was terrified. And yesterday, in my weekly presentation, I had the speaker going, and I was dancing, and it was fun, and you know.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Sherry Taylor: And just the personal growth on how to run a business.

Laura Viskovich: Right.

Sherry Taylor: How to improve my own personal development.

Laura Viskovich: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Sherry Taylor: And so I went from a terrified little newbie, to now I’m one of the director consultants.

Laura Viskovich: Oh, wow.

Sherry Taylor: And so I help other chapters grow, and I do trainings for them. It’s a complete game changer for me.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So from the Member Success Program that everyone…

Sherry Taylor: Oh, yes.

Laura Viskovich: Everyone starts out to do and then, I guess, the online BNI University.

Sherry Taylor: Oh, absolutely. All of the podcast, the BNI University, all of the trainings that are there. There’s all of the extra advanced MSPs, which is the Member Success Programs.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Sherry Taylor: All of those trainings, if you take those, and actually use them, you just grow.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: And so what was it like visiting a business group like this for the first time, coming from family life to this? What was it like?

Sherry Taylor: It was so scary.

Laura Viskovich: Yes.

Sherry Taylor: It was so scary. So, and the only reason why I did this is because our CPA told us we had to.

Laura Viskovich: Right.

Sherry Taylor: Because he says, “Hey, if you want to grow your business, this is what you have to do.”

So my husband, there was no opening in the regular chapter, so, but there was an opening in the core group. So my husband joined that one, and became in part of the leadership team, and then our CPA called us and said, “Our promotional products person just dropped out because she got too busy. So Sherry has to come in our chapter.” And I was so scared because it was the largest chapter in the entire state.

Laura Viskovich: Wow.

Sherry Taylor: With 33 numbers.

Laura Viskovich: Wow. Sorry, just to interrupt there.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: BNI Utah, and what group?

Sherry Taylor: Goldmine.

Laura Viskovich: Goldmine. Okay, great.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah. So I was, you know, 33 members and I was so scared and I walked in the door. He put his arm around me and says, “Okay, Sherry, this is what you need to do” and I’m like, “All right.” And he says, “The trick and the key to BNI is you come early and you stay late, even if you don’t have anybody to talk to, you’re there, because that’s when the business happens.”

Laura Viskovich: Right.

Sherry Taylor: So I got out of my comfort zone and I did exactly what he said, 11 years later, we’re doing very well.

Laura Viskovich: Amazing.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: Everyone’s just there to help each other which is so beautiful.

Sherry Taylor: Absolutely, yeah.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So for anyone out there who’s listening going, “Oh my gosh, I’d love to visit them,” what would be your tip and trick be to that person?

Sherry Taylor: Oh absolutely, just, you need to go, you need to be in BNI.

Laura Viskovich: Yeah.

Sherry Taylor: Because that’s where you’re going to grow your business.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So is there any industry that you’d love to see in your group at the moment?

Sherry Taylor: Oh, yes, an even planner, a sign shop, yes absolutely, any kind of marketing and business-to-business, that’s what really works well with me, because I work with businesses.

Laura Viskovich: Fantastic. So that relationship there you would build it and then you would be able to refer to them, is that how it works?

Sherry Taylor: Absolutely.

Laura Viskovich: Okay.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: Great. Fantastic.

Sherry Taylor: Yes.

Laura Viskovich: Thank you so much for coming in –

Sherry Taylor: Thank you.

Laura Viskovich: – and sharing your amazing journey. 11 years in BNI?

Sherry Taylor: 11 years in BNI.

Laura Viskovich: Just continuing to grow, it’s amazing.

Sherry Taylor: Yeah.

Laura Viskovich: Love your mindset by the way.

Sherry Taylor: Oh, thank you.Laura Viskovich: So that’s the beautiful Sherry Taylor, what an amazing 11-year journey of BNI that has been. So I’ll see you on the next show of the Professional Business Connections.

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