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How Industry Professionals Create Relationships, Build Networks and Generate Referrals.

412, 2018

Trades – Handyman: Kaleb Savage – Savage Handyman

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Handyman Kaleb Savage of Park City, UT knows the value of and how to leverage a professional networking group. You'll hear how this year $120,000 of business came as referrals from his BNI chapter, that's 60% of his total business! He talks about how other members of his chapter work together, like the electrician, the painter, the interior decorator, the roofer. Once one member gets a job, they refer each other to all their client. He's six weeks out on appointments, but no matter how busy he gets, no way would he consider not being apart of BNI.

2911, 2018

Cleaning – Carpets: Bruce Williams, Ioniclean Carpet Cleaning

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Bruce Williams of Ioniclean Carper cleaning has never leveraged traditional marketing for his business. He depends 100% on word of mouth advertising from friends, family, clients, and BNI. Three years ago Bruce found a chapter in the BNI Utah North region that was a perfect fit for him. He's generated over $100,000 in closed business from his group's referrals, that's 30% of his annual business. Bruce loves the training provided by BNI and feels it is critical for people to learn how to represent themselves, how to present themselves, and how to best leverage their time in BNI.

2611, 2018

Insurance – Business/Commercial: James Fuller, Coordinated Insurance Services

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Commercial Insurance agent James Fuller of Coordinated Insurance Services generates 65% of his agency's business from his BNI chapter in Salt Lake City... His first year, $10,000 came from referrals, his second he doubled that, so there's no surprise that James has now entered into his seventh year in BNI...

2511, 2018

Automotive – Collision Repair: Kendall Glines, Lone Peak Collision Repair

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Six year BNI Utah North member Kendall Glines, Lone Peak Collision Repair discusses how 60% of annual business is referrals from his BNI chapter. Kendall will talk about how at first he was terrified of getting up in front of people, let along a group of people. However, with the training he received, he quickly gained confidence each meeting he attended and even grew into taking on a leadership role in his chapter...

2011, 2018

Advertising – Promotional Products: Sherry Taylor – Keep It Marketing

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Sherry Taylor of Keep It Marketing has been in the promotional products and corporate apparels business for eleven years. She and her husband built their business 100% from referrals through their BNI groups. They were just getting started in their business, but in their first four years, they doubled their business from the previous year and eleven years later their business is still growing! Sherry talks about how if a person takes advantage of and uses all the education and training offered to BNI members, your business will just grow.

2011, 2018

Family Law: Jarrod Jennings, Jennings & Medura Law

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Family Law Attorney Jarrod Jennings of Jennings & Mudura was introduced to BNI over eight years ago when he was just starting his practice. Jarrod goes into detail on how the structured environment of BNI has benefited his practice. He discusses how each year his business has grown from the previous and lets anyone know that is considering joining it's about farming, not hunting, and how much the training has helped him grow professionally and personally.

2011, 2018

Health & Wellness – Massage Therapist: Ivan Thompson, Advanced Therapeutic Massage

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Massage Therapist Ivan Thompson generates 30-40% of his annual business through referrals from a professional networking group he’s joined over 20 years ago, Business Network International. Ivan discusses the culture of BNI and how the incredible training helps a new member understand how to be a better networker and build relationships.

1611, 2018

Automotive Services: Erick McHenry, Viking Automotive

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Automotive mechanic Erick McHenry is the owner of Viking Automotive. Erick started his business from the back of his truck ten years ago... As he grew his business, he was introduced to and joined a BNI chapter in BNI Utah North region. Very quickly he grew his business from one bay he rented at a location to today owning a location with 11 bays, five mechanics, and two services advisors. Erick has generated over 1 million dollars from BNI referrals over the past ten years and now has service advisors in two other chapters generating over $100,000 in referrals from each chapter.

1611, 2018

Trades – Electrician: Wally Cook – Cook Electric Inc.

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Electrician Wally Cook of Cook Electric Inc. in Salt Lake City has been in business for over 31 years. Eight years ago Wally was introduced to BNI by a friend after the downturn of the economy. Wally immediately saw the value of joining the Boom chapter in BNI Utah North. Today 20% of his annual business comes directly from his chapter's referrals. Wally attributes his success to the system, education, and training offered through BNI.

1611, 2018

Counter Tops: Allen Throndson, Lighthouse Enterprises Inc

By |Counter Tops, Interviews|

Countertop specialist Allen Throndson of Lighthouse Enterprises Inc has quadrupled his business over the last year and a half just from the referrals he's received from his Park City, UT BNI chapter. In the past year, $250,000 from BNI referrals!  Allen will share that the referrals didn't come immediately, however by building trust and credibility by following the system, regardless of how busy he gets, he couldn't imagine his business without BNI...

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